My name is Dan Deuel, and I am running for the Utah State House in District 7, which includes Northern Weber County: Northeastern Ogden, North Ogden, and Pleasant View.

I am committed to:

  • Reducing the size and scope of government.
  • Strengthening families and supporting parents as the ultimate sovereign over their children.
  • Preserving individual liberty and personal responsibility.
  • Advocating for the proper role of government.
  • Being accessible to you.

I commit to you that I will be accessible and responsive to you as my constituents. I will fiercely resist federal encroachment and will work to "erect barriers at the constitutional line." I will refuse to support or vote for tax increases. I will oppose  over-regulatory, over-protectionist policies, and I will work hard as a loud and passionate opponent to government involvement in family affairs. .

Ultimately, my reason for running for the Utah State House is to help preserve liberty for future generations.

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Dan Deuel for Utah State House of Representatives
Legislative District 7